Fried Rice

Tricks of the Trade: Teppanyaki Chef Tricks at Benihana

Jun 20th, 2016 Teppanyaki Chef Arturo Garzon

When guests walk into Benihana with family or friends, they already know they are in for both a delicious dinner and an entertaining show. From tossing shrimp tails to creating fried rice that shows plenty of heart, our chefs are trained to not only grill up craveable fare, but to also wow guests with signature tricks behind the flaming grill. When our teppanyaki chefs are…

Fried Rice

Plenty of Heart: How Benihana Creates the Perfect Fried Rice

Oct 26th, 2015 Teppanyaki Chef Tatsuo Komiya

If you bring “Benihana” up in conversation, the chances are you’ll likely get a response about one of the restaurant’s many tricks performed by our chefs, one of the most popular being the beating heart made of fried rice. However, what many of our customers don’t know is there’s plenty of heart that goes into the creation of this Benihana staple before they even take…