It’s time to ditch the wine tasting and experience a sake and sushi course at Benihana.


Bring coworkers, family and friends to explore (and sample!) the flavors and intricacies of some of the finest sushi and sake from around the globe at a Benihana Sushi & Sake class. Our talented sushi chefs will walk you through an interactive dining experience highlighting the study of sushi and the varieties and flavors of sake, all while enjoying a refreshing Benihana signature cocktail.

Let’s Roll
Sushi isn’t just a dish; it’s an art form. Dive into how sushi is made, the interplay of ingredients and the artistic presentation. Be prepared: you may have to set your drink down (only for a minute or two) while you learn how to expertly roll sushi by hand from our very own sushi chefs. This is a lesson you can take on the road and customize for yourself at home.

Let’s Sip
You’ve heard of sake, you may have even tasted sake, but do you know what sake is? Is it best served hot or cold? Sparkling or sweet? How does it compare to wine or beer? Discover sake’s subtle flavors and aromas and how it accentuates dishes by tasting four of our hand-selected varieties and tasting the difference yourself.

Sense a Crave? Think beyond the vine this summer with Sushi and Sake 101 courses for only $50 per person at select Benihana restaurants across the country.