I recently celebrated 40 years working with Benihana and I’m honored to be back as the Executive Chef. If there’s one thing these past four decades have taught me it’s that our unique dining experience, consisting of equal parts performance art and excellent cuisine, allows us to build genuine connections with our customers.

My view from behind the grill these past 40 years has allowed me to witness some of the most significant moments in families’ lives. From first birthdays and graduations to engagements and anniversaries, I’ve seen our loyal customers grow right along with Benihana itself.

As our customers evolve, so has our menu. At Benihana, we bring the heat with our onion volcano, but what many don’t know is that we have an extensive selection of spicy menu items available for our adventurous foodies.

Turning up (or down) the Heat:

Staying true to our Japanese heritage and meticulous craft, our chefs use the freshest ingredients available to create all of Benihana’s iconic dishes and bold flavors. All our spicy dishes draw flavor from Japanese chili peppers, sambal sauce and/or our signature spicy mayo. The best part? Our dishes are prepared directly in front of you,,so you can see (and adjust) the level of spice it has as it’s made. Just ask your chef.

Let’s Roll:

Looking to kick your sushi game up a notch? Try our Chili Shrimp Roll. Filled with crab, cream cheese and seaweed tempura and topped with our spicy chili sauce, crab and shrimp … you’re in for a flavor explosion. Add on the Spicy Tuna Roll with tuna, cucumber and spicy sauce for an equal, yet refreshing kick.


Spice on the Side:

Our Spicy Chicken Rice takes our classic fried rice to a whole new level. It starts with the finest ingredients of the original Hibachi Chicken Rice, and adds in Benihana’s concoction of siracha, sambal sauce, chili peppers and a hint of ginger for a spicy-sweet flavor infusion you’ll crave. Spicy Chicken Rice is so versatile that it pairs well with every meal on our menu. Try it out with your favorite dish and let us know the combinations you love.


The Main Event:

If bold and spicy is what you crave, then these entrees are for you. Our Seafood Diablo incorporates sea scallops, calamari, shrimp, assorted vegetables and Japanese udon noodles, all grilled to perfection in our homemade spicy sauce.

Not a seafood lover?  We infuse our homemade spicy sauce into our Spicy Hibachi Chicken breast grilled with fresh green onions and mushrooms.

We didn’t forget about our vegetarian friends! Try our Spicy Tofu Steak for a fiery combination of tofu, scallions and cilantro, also grilled in our special spicy homemade sauce.


Drink Break:

All this heat calls for a delicious cocktail pairing. Our signature punch bowls provide bold refreshment without overpowering the dishes’ flavors. Or, try our spicy dishes with our vast selections of white wine and beer for a more traditional paring.


Sense a crave? To make a reservation, visit https://www.benihana.com/reservations/