At Benihana, our goal is to provide a delicious and memorable dining experience for every one of our guests. Those who visit are well aware of the dishes crafted by our talented teppanyaki chefs, but it is the care and attention we put into creating our signature cocktails that also leaves a lasting impression. One of our newest and most popular signature cocktails is the Red Flower Punch Bowl.

The Perfect Balance:

Our Red Flower Punch Bowl combines the sweet flavors naturally found in fruits with a hint of citrus to ensure the drink is not too sweet. We start by mixing Absolut Mango and Stoli Razberi with BOLS Peach Schnapps and Strawberry Liqueur. From there, we add in raspberry puree, lemon sour and cranberry juice to balance out the drink and add to the delightful flavor profile. The final touch, one that makes the Red Flower Punch Bowl a truly memorable experience, is to place a small bottle of La Marca Prosecco upside-down in the punch bowl. This refreshing addition further balances out the sweet flavors and makes this a unique and sparkling cocktail.

Sweet and Spicy:

Here at Benihana, we believe that pairing our sushi and teppanyaki dishes with a suitable cocktail can add to the dining experience. The best pairings for the Red Flower Punch Bowl will have a spicy flavor profile to them. From the sushi side, we recommend pairing with our Las Vegas Roll (salmon, avocado, jalapeño, cream cheese, and spicy sauce). If the teppanyaki side suits you better, we recommend the Seafood Diablo. The seafood medley mixed with noodles, vegetables, and our homemade spicy sauce is the perfect meal to go along with the Red Flower Punch Bowl.

Perfect for Celebrations:

We designed our punch bowls to add to the celebratory mood often found in Benihana restaurants. The goal was to enhance the table experience, which was already an exciting, communal experience, by adding shareable drinks to the menu. Punch bowls, designed to be enjoyed by two or more people, were the ideal drink to meet our goals and are beloved by our guests.