CRANBERRY MOJITO_FinalAt Benihana, we pride ourselves on being a destination for celebrations small and large. That’s why we are always introducing new handcrafted cocktails specifically designed for celebrating, like our festive Cranberry Mojito.

This holiday-inspired cocktail is made with only top-shelf ingredients and infused with a combination of fresh cranberries, mint, cinnamon and the spice of ginger.

Shaken, not stirred: The indulgence is only part of the experience. Guests can watch this cocktail come to life right before their eyes. Benihana’s trained mixologists begin by hand-muddling whole cranberries and mint into Combier Liqueur d’Orange to extract the perfect combination of sweetness and bold flavor. The concoction is then mixed with a house-made blend of Grey Goose Vodka, simple syrup, sour mix, a splash of cranberry juice and fresh ginger sliced daily. A dash of cinnamon sugar is added with ice and then shaken to holiday-spiced perfection.

Let the good times roll: Benihana’s Cranberry Mojito serves as the perfect palate cleanser for sushi. The light acidity and sweetness of the cocktail provides the perfect refresher to the rich, bold flavors of our famous sushi rolls. Try our Las Vegas Roll (salmon, avocado, cream cheese, jalapeño, spicy sauce on top) for the ultimate flavor pairing.

Season’s eatings: The Cranberry Mojito’s holiday spice really opens up the senses to allow for a rich flavor experience. Try this cocktail with a seafood course. Our Twin cold-water Lobster Tails and tender Hibachi Scallops are grilled to perfection with butter and lemon. The flavors of the spirits combine with these dishes to create the perfect cocktail-course marriage.

The Cranberry Mojito is available for a limited time at select locations.

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