At Benihana, we are all about creating great memories for our guests, and that includes the kids! That’s why we developed our exclusive Kabuki Kids program, which is designed to celebrate our younger guests and encourage their love of high-quality food. Just like The Chef’s Table program for adults, kids who sign up for Kabuki Kids will receive a special birthday gift. Each child is entitled to a free souvenir mug of their choice with the purchase of any Kubuki Kids meal.

To further encourage children’s exploration and love of food, Benihana is proud to have created a 90 minute Kabuki Sushi hands-on class that demonstrates the art of sushi. Armed with the Benihana classic red paper chef’s hat and apron, children 5-years-old to 12-years-old embark on an authentic Japanese experience in sushi rolling. Benihana master chefs and managers go one-on-one with kids to teach the careful art of creating sushi and Japanese culture.

Kabuki Sushi classes provide open-concept class environment that allows children to fuel their curiosity by asking any question they may have at any time. This course introduces kids to the fully-cooked crunchy shrimp roll and a California Roll. There’s even dessert! Our master chefs walk their young protégés through candy sushi, fondly referred to as a Kabuki Sushi Dessert.

If you know Benihana, you know we use only the highest-quality ingredients. If you have a picky eater or food allergy on your hands, there’s no need to worry. The program menu can be adjusted to fit most tastes and desires.

The class is available at select Benihana locations at a cost of $25 per child. Graduates of the class will receive a special certificate, Benihana Apron, Benihana mug and a commemorative photo.

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