For 53 years, Benihana chefs have been dazzling guests with both crave-worthy food and endless entertainment. While the production seems effortless, getting to the center grilling stage is anything but easy. Equipped with iron-chef like skills and show-stopping tricks, a teppanyaki chef has to go through weeks of rigorous training in order to perform the delicate balancing act that is the Benihana experience. It takes months of constant training and testing in order to gain the skills, technique and respect to stand behind the 500-degree grill and effortlessly flip a fork and spatula into the air in perfect rhythm. Being a Benihana chef is so much more than having the ability to cook. Skills can only take you so far, it’s the attitude that makes our chefs different. At Benihana, we aren’t in the back of a kitchen. Here, we are the show. And with that comes a lot of responsibility and charisma.


At Benihana, the excellence of our food starts at the top and works its way down all the way to the plate. It begins with our carefully-selected ingredients that are delivered to our restaurants. This is where our highly-skilled and trained chefs can work their magic to create meals that are unparalleled in quality.

What drew me to Benihana was my passion for cooking; what has made me stay at Benihana is the constant innovation. It’s so much more than a job. It has become my passion and I’m happy every time I take the stage behind the grill and perform the teppanyaki tricks that have made Benihana the famous restaurant it is today.

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