The Seafood You Crave: Quality Lobster

It is no coincidence that fresh, high-quality lobster is featured in Benihana’s Ocean Treasure entrée. Lobster really is one of the Ocean’s finest delicacies. Whether you’re celebrating a special night, or just indulging in one of your favorite teppanyaki treats, it’s hard to match the sweet, simple taste of lobster at Benihana.

It starts at the source:

Before our lobster lands in our kitchen and onto your plate, it starts its life in the cold waters of the northern Atlantic ocean, along the rocky shores of Maine and up through the Canadian coast. This region is known for producing the best-tasting lobsters on the planet. The rocky shoreline features plenty of coves for lobsters to migrate to where they mature for five-to-seven years before they reach the perfect size.

Achieving high-quality flavor:

After they’re delivered to our restaurants, the wild-caught lobsters are prepared by steaming to ensure the meat is tender, flavorful and cooked evenly. At the grill, we remove the lobster from its shell. From there, we prepare it with melted butter and a hint of lemon juice to add a touch of richness and bright citrus to the naturally sweet, delicate meat.

There really is nothing quite like the taste of perfectly cooked, quality lobster. It’s no wonder why it is a delicious pair with an unforgettable Japanese-inspired dining experience at Benihana.

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