When guests walk into Benihana with family or friends, they already know they are in for both a delicious dinner and an entertaining show. From tossing shrimp tails to creating fried rice that shows plenty of heart, our chefs are trained to not only grill up craveable fare, but to also wow guests with signature tricks behind the flaming grill.

When our teppanyaki chefs are first hired, they must go through weeks of training before stepping behind the grill in front of guests. While most of the training course consists of carefully completing our hibachi favorites, the remainder is spent perfecting our famous tricks. Some tricks, like the onion volcano, only take a few hours to master while others, like flipping the fork and spatula in perfect rhythm, can take days or even weeks.

Once our chefs are ready, it’s time to get grilling for an audience. We first greet our guests by bowing, introducing ourselves and flipping our forks and spatulas on the 500-degree grill. Then comes the fried rice. At Benihana, we go through roughly 2,720,350 pounds of rice per year. Kids love when we shape the rice into a beating heart, smiley face or Mickey Mouse silhouette while we cook. We’ll also sear up our mouth-watering hibachi shrimp appetizer and flip the tails right into our chef hats, a classic trick that never disappoints.

Our next trick – my personal favorite – is the always-popular onion volcano. A few decades ago, we did away with the volcano, but we’re thrilled to say we’ve recently brought it back (with a few variations)! Not only do our chefs love performing it, but it’s always a crowd favorite, too. We take a thick onion slice and break up its layers into individual circles. From there, we restack the onion rings in reverse order, forming a volcano-like cone. We then add oil inside the rings, light it and there you have it! Our beloved smoke-billowing onion volcano.

Some chefs turn the volcano into the “engine” of a veggie train they delicately push across the grill, choo-chooing along with our younger diners. A few of our chefs even perform “magic” by making eggs or lemons multiply or disappear right before guests’ very eyes.

While Benihana is known for a variety of things, we’re perhaps best known for our crowd-pleasing teppanyaki tricks. Sense a crave? Learn more or make a reservation. http://benihana.com/reservations/.