Different kinds of sake are not only characterized by their unique body and flavor notes but also how they pair with specific types of sushi. At Benihana, we’re proud to offer our guests a variety of sakes to complement their favorite sushi rolls.

Do you have a preferred sake but don’t know which Benihana dish to order along with it? Or, are you a Benihana cuisine aficionado but haven’t quite explored the mouth-watering world of sake pairings? Here are some easy-to-remember sushi and sake combinations your taste buds will thank you for:

  • Tuna, or maguro, paired with Dassai 50 “Otter Fest.”
    • Tuna’s mild refreshing tones pairs well with a refined, mellow cold sake like the Dassai 50 (Junmai Dai Ginjo from Yamaguchi).
    • Benihana sushi/sashimi: Rainbow Roll, Spicy Tuna Roll, Tuna Roll
  • Yellowtail, or hamachi, paired with Suigei “Drunken Whale.”
    • Yellowtail, with its creamy, fatty texture and a more assertive flavor profile, needs a dry, crisp sake to cut the oiliness, like the Suigei (Tokubetsu Junmai from Kochi).
    • Benihana sushi/sashimi: Rainbow Roll, Yellowtail Roll
  • Salmon, or sake, paired with Kikusui “Chrysanthemum Water.”
    • Salmon has a smooth, fatty, oily texture that pairs well with a milder Junmai, like the crisp, elegant Kikusui (Junmai Ginjo from Niigata).
    • Benihana sushi/sashimi: Salmon Skin Roll, Philadelphia Roll
  • Shrimp, or ebi, paired with Shizumu-No-Mai “Pure Dawn.”
    • We all know the mild, almost fruity flavor of shrimp. It isn’t particularly fatty, so it pairs well with a balanced and elegant sake, like the Shizumu-No-Mai (Junmai Gingo from Akita).
    • Benihana sushi/sashimi: Shrimp Crunchy Roll, Shrimp Tempura Roll, Shrimp Lovers Roll
  • Freshwater eel, or unagi, paired with Benihana Hot Sake.
    • Eel, known for its oiliness and heaviness, pairs well with an umami-rich sake with a higher acidic level and slight sweetness, like our Benihana Hot Sake (Junmai).
    • Benihana sushi/sashimi: Dragon Roll, Eel Roll

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