At Benihana, we pride ourselves on our use of hand-selected, high-quality ingredients. From our fresh vegetables, hand-cut daily, to our sauces made from scratch to the USDA Choice cuts of beef we offer, our chefs spend hours preparing and ensuring every ingredient meets Benihana’s high standards.

While we strive to deliver excellence in every dish, the care and consideration that is taken in the preparation of our food are especially evident in our teppanyaki entrees, the food, and experience that have made Benihana famous.

Here’s a taste of what goes into the creation of a delicious Benihana five-course teppanyaki meal.

  • Benihana Onion Soup: Benihana’s onion soup has been a homemade specialty since the restaurant first opened in 1964. An alternative to traditional miso soup, it features broth, mushrooms, and green onions. Before they greet you at the table, our chefs prepare the soup in the kitchen and serve it hot to begin your meal.
  • Benihana Salad: It’s no surprise to be served a salad before an entrée at a restaurant. However, it is the ingredients in our Benihana Salad that make it unlike any other. We prepare the salad with fresh vegetables, including crisp greens, red cabbage, carrots and grape tomatoes, all tossed with our homemade ginger dressing. The dressing is tangy, a bit sweet and always freshly made.
  • Hibachi Shrimp Appetizer: Once the shrimp starts to fly, you know you’re in for something delicious. Because Benihana handpicks its quality seafood, we prepare the shrimp simply to let the true flavors really shine. We sear the shrimp on both sides, and then our chefs use their expert cutting skills to quickly detach tails, serving the shrimp alongside Benihana’s homemade dipping sauces.
  • Entrée with Hibachi Vegetables and Rice: The experience at Benihana is unlike any other because guests get to enjoy seeing, hearing and smelling their food prepared in front of them. So, it’s truly worth the wait when they finally get to taste the meal in front of them. Our guests have the choice of favorites like steak, chicken and seafood, or even a combination if they choose. Benihana’s meat is always lean, tender and full of flavor, and it tastes even better when paired with hibachi vegetables and fried rice, another signature Benihana dish that we recommend to our guests.
  • Japanese Green Hot Tea: In keeping with Japanese tradition, Benihana serves hot green tea once all guests finish their meals. We encourage guests to sip a cup while they enjoy one another’s company and savor the meal they just experienced.