In our advice for sushi newbies, we instructed that, if you want to appear a real expert, you should create a course for your sushi, ultimately following a particular order for the meal. However, creating an order for sushi isn’t just a way for beginners to seem like connoisseurs; it’s a practical method to have the most enjoyable and delicious dining experience.

During your next visit to Benihana, grab a seat at the sushi bar and order according to the course below.

  1. First, sip some sake. While you wait for the itamae (sushi chef) to prepare your sushi, enjoy a cup of sake. Sake can be served hot or cold, so how you choose to enjoy it is based on your preference. Sake is an excellent choice as an aperitif to sushi as it won’t overpower the overall taste of the fish.
  1. Move on to miso soup. Miso soup is a very popular appetizer to sushi. It is a blend of miso, green onion, and tofu. In Japanese culture, it also perfectly acceptable to drink your soup directly from the bowl – no spoon necessary.
  1. Once sushi arrives, eat sashimi first. Sashimi allows you to taste the fish in its purest form as it is simply slices of fish without rice, seaweed, and other ingredients typically used in nigiri or sushi rolls. If you’re new to sushi, you may want to forgo sashimi for sushi rolls until you know what types of fish and other seafood you prefer raw. Also, feel free to ask the itamae for recommendations.
  1. Then, enjoy sushi rolls second. After you have finished your sashimi, it’s time for maki (sushi rolls). Benihana offers a variety of traditional and specialty rolls, so there is something for every taste. The Rainbow Roll is an ideal option as it offers multiple types of fish in one roll along with avocado and cucumber.
  1. And always eat your ginger. Don’t ignore the ginger on your plate! Ginger cleanses the palate, allowing you to experience the true flavors of the fish fully. But, there’s no need to eat ginger after every bite; use it to cleanse your palate between different kinds of sashimi and rolls.

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