At Benihana, we know our guests love sushi and count it among some of their favorite restaurant fare. However, what many of our guests don’t realize is that they can easily enjoy sushi at home. The idea of homemade sushi may seem daunting, but with a few simple tips, anyone can become skilled at making and rolling their favorite sushi rolls.

  • Roll out the (bamboo) mat. To make sushi rolling easier, invest in a bamboo mat. They are available at most stores that sell kitchen supplies. The mat should be wrapped in plastic wrap to keep rice and other ingredients from sticking to it.
  • Have the basics on hand. No matter the type of sushi roll, you’ll want to have the following stocked in your kitchen: sushi rice, seaweed sheets (nori), and toasted sesame seeds. Wasabi, fresh ginger, and soy sauce are also nice to have as accompaniments to your finished meal.
  • Keep veggies slim. To avoid overstuffing your roll, make sure vegetables are sliced julienne, or into thin matchsticks. This will help to create the perfect bite-sized pieces without contents spilling out.
  • Have fun. Don’t worry if your sushi isn’t “perfect”; sushi is meant to be enjoyed, even the process of making it. Re-create classic favorites or experiment with new flavors and ingredient combinations to make your signature rolls.

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