With the new year in full swing, many people have made commitments to modify their diets. This could mean fewer sweets, more fruits and vegetables, less salt, or going gluten-free. But, no matter the modification, those looking to revamp their diets can still toast to their health without the worry of added calories. Try simple swaps to make cocktails lighter, but just as enjoyable, this year.

Think about what’s in your drink. Many people don’t realize that their favorite cocktail could have hundreds of calories. Use alcohols that tend to have fewer calories like vodka, gin, tequila or Shochu. Shochu is a Japanese distilled spirit, similar to vodka, but it has half the calories. Substitute it in your favorite vodka cocktail for a lighter drink.

Try a sip of sake. For those making the choice to go gluten-free due to allergies or for other health-related reasons, sake is an excellent option. Sake is made with rice, so it is naturally gluten-free, which makes it an alternative for those who cannot drink wine or beer.

Fresh is best. One way to cut calories from cocktails is to use fresh ingredients when possible. Use fresh-squeezed juices or muddled fruit in place of store-bought juices. Or use just a splash of a favorite sweet liqueur, simple syrup or juice for subtle flavor without adding too many extra calories.

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