There’s no question that the most important ingredient in a delicious sushi roll is the fish. However, preferences vary. Whether it’s between tuna or salmon, raw or cooked, or maki roll or sashimi, sushi enthusiasts often prefer one over the other. But, overall, there are a few varieties of fish prepared for sushi that tend to be the most popular.

Yellowtail (Hamachi)
Yellowtail is often described as having a buttery, or oily, texture and rich, deep flavors. Despite what its name implies, yellowtail sushi is light red in color. It is also always served raw, which makes it a popular choice for sashimi (raw fish sliced into thin pieces) or nigiri (slice of raw fish pressed over rice).
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Shrimp (Ebi)
For those new to sushi, shrimp is a popular choice as it is almost always cooked. Cooking the shrimp brings out the light, sweet flavor of this shellfish. Shrimp is also very popular served tempura-style. When prepared this way, the shrimp is fried in a light batter called tempura. Shrimp tempura is found in many favorite maki rolls.
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Tuna (Maguro)
Similar to yellowtail, tuna is also always served raw. It is a deep pink to reddish color and has a firm texture. The flavor and fat content vary depending on the type of tuna, but most has a mild flavor, which makes it a favorite among sushi connoisseurs and novices alike.
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Salmon (Sake)
Depending on how it is being served, the preparation of salmon in sushi varies. While often served raw, it can also be served cooked or smoked. Salmon is a reddish-orange color, and it has a rich flavor. It is also a favorite ingredient in many popular specialty rolls like the Alaska Roll or Philadelphia Roll.
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