For Chef Katsuo Gibo, the ordinary is not enough. Chef Gibo strives for the extraordinary by bringing unique and special sushi creations to his Benihana guests. And it is this endeavor that led to a very special signature sushi roll: the Wow Roll.

The Wow Roll, which was made available for a limited time at Benihana restaurants earlier this year, features eight pieces of sushi: the first four filled with shrimp tempura and fresh veggies, and the other four filled with cream cheese and crab, then fried. Each piece is then finished with an array of toppings: spicy tuna, crab mix, spicy shrimp, fresh avocado and five different sauces. In other words, a sushi lover’s dream.

“I didn’t come up with the name,” he modestly said. “When I sampled it to my various employees, their reaction was always the same; each of them would say ‘Wow!’ when they saw it and tasted it. So it organically came to be the Wow Roll.”

With more than 35 years’ experience as a sushi chef, including overseeing his own sushi bar and restaurants prior to his 14 years at Benihana, Chef Gibo aims to create something new every year. He wants his creations to be unique, setting them apart from the standard sushi fare.

“Every sushi bar has classic rolls like the California Roll or the Rainbow Roll. I really wanted something very special for Benihana, and this is very different. … The roll has lots of beautiful colors, different shapes, variation.”

He explains that each individual piece of the Wow Roll has a different character and taste, making it ideal for the sushi connoisseur or as a dish to share among friends.

“I wanted to make in one roll something that four or five people could find that they like, whether it’s shrimp or tuna, something spicy, or maybe something a bit more mild,” Gibo said.

And his creative inclinations show no signs of stopping, as he hints that there’s much more to come.

“I always want to create something new,” Gibo said. “I have more ideas now for rolls I want to make in the future. I want to keep doing this and bringing fresh ideas to the table to continue to set Benihana apart.”

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