Our Ocean Treasure entrée gets its name because we believe it is just that, the ocean’s greatest treasures in the form of some of the best seafood: lobster, shrimp and scallops. For such a delicious, complex dish, it’s surprising to many of our guests how simply we prepare it.

Our philosophy at Benihana is that our food should speak for itself. Lobster is lobster. Shrimp is shrimp. A scallop is a scallop. Each ingredient we use has its own unique flavors, and we want customers to taste every one of them. We want to share the material flavors of quality food with our guests.

So how do we create each of these three treasured seafood options? It is really quite simple.


Before it is brought to the front of house, the preparation for our cold-water lobster begins in the kitchen. After it is prepped, we use steam cooking for the lobster. At the grill, it is removed from the shell to be cut and served. Just before serving, we top with melted butter and lemon.


Similar to the lobster, prep for the shrimp is handled in the kitchen, so it has already been washed and peeled prior to coming to the grill. On the grill, we sear both sides on high heat, then move to medium heat. I’m often asked how you can tell when the shrimp is ready. At this point, I rely on my experience, but I often tell guests that at home they can determine it for themselves based on the pinkish-red color shrimp should be when cooked correctly.


Our scallops are high quality, so we want to showcase their intricate, native flavors. Like shrimp, we sear the scallops on both sides. Then, to enhance the scallops’ own natural flavors, we season with butter and lemon.

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