If you bring “Benihana” up in conversation, the chances are you’ll likely get a response about one of the restaurant’s many tricks performed by our chefs, one of the most popular being the beating heart made of fried rice. However, what many of our customers don’t know is there’s plenty of heart that goes into the creation of this Benihana staple before they even take the first bite.

At Benihana, the fried rice is a signature item. In fact, we often recommend the fried rice to our guests as the side pairing for their meal. But the way we’re able to continue creating a classic taste that customers over the years have come to crave is through our process of cooking this dish.

The ingredients are simple – rice; a mix of carrots, onions and green onions; eggs; and garlic butter – but it’s the way these simple ingredients come together on the teppanyaki grill that gives them their flavor.

We first take our vegetable mix (which has been prepped ahead of time) and add it to the grill. Then we add our rice and eggs, mixing them together with the vegetables. Next it’s time for the most important ingredient, the garlic butter. Benihana’s garlic butter is homemade with garlic and a little bit of soy sauce. We also add simple seasonings like salt, pepper and sesame seed. Once everything comes together, we want to fry the rice on high heat; this is what really helps to give the rice its fried flavor.

Once we add a bit more soy sauce and fry again, it’s ready to become that beating heart we are so well known for – and to be served to our guests.

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