The experience at Benihana is unlike any other. A high-energy, entertaining dining event excites the senses and culminates into a delicious meal.

What will you experience when you visit Benihana? Let the five senses be your guide.


The sizzle of the grill and the sound of laughter and cheers let you know you have arrived. The clinking of silverware and ting of glasses builds excitement for what’s to come. The sounds of enjoyment are all around you.


As you approach, the warmth rising from the grill greets you. You ease into your seat at the table. Once settled, you reach for your chopsticks, holding them between your fingers. You’re ready for your experience to begin.


The plume of smoke from an onion volcano, utensils flipping in synchronized pattern, a child’s look of awe as a chef expertly catches a shrimp in his red hat – these are sights unseen anywhere else. Your own eyes widen at the view of fried rice being prepared in front of you and molded into a beating heart.


A range of scents waft into the air. Your mouth begins to water as the appetizing aroma of ginger, garlic, onion, shrimp and steak envelope you. You breathe it all in, anticipating what’s next.


Finally, the taste. A surge of flavor as juicy filet mignon hits your tongue, igniting your taste buds. You savor the refreshing, fruity taste of Blue Ocean Punch between bites of grilled vegetables and rice. The satisfaction that only comes from the tastes of five flavorful courses sets in.

Until next time. Sense a crave?